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While we’re happy to answer any doubts you may have, feel free to go over these FAQs to resolve your issues instantly. 

  • What will the duration of the internship be?
    The standard duration of our internships is 3 months.
  • Will I get a paid or unpaid internship?
    The choice to pay or not pay the interns depends entirely on the company–though we’ve had several paid internships so far. Companies usually take the call depending on your skills and experience.
  • What kind of companies will I get an internship in?
    We have partnered with large-scale, reputed companies across geographies that can offer you premium industry experience.
  • Can I meet in person with Hoxlp team to finalise?
    We do arrange in-person meetings for candidates who like to understand our process better, if circumstances permit. If not, then we’re always happy to e-meet you!
  • Does doing this internship guarantee me a full-time position?
    Getting a full-time role at the company you intern with is entirely dependent on your performance there. However, as we train the candidates personally before the internship, we’ve witnessed 91.2% of them getting a PPO post the internship.
  • Why should I pay someone to get an internship?
    You’re not paying for the internship, you’re paying for the experience. We don't find any internships for you. We train you, conduct mock-interviews to make sure you’re ready for the best companies out there. Not just that, out of all the applications we receive for an internship opportunity, we prioritise and share only your profile so that your chances of getting selected are higher.
  • What would the fee and payment structure be like?
    There’s an upfront registration that you’d have to pay so that we start sharing your profile and arranging interviews for you. Once you’re selected, you have to pay a program fee depending on your industry, which can be paid in upto 6 installments. We guarantee you that we offer the lowest prices possible.
  • What are the fields that we can hire interns for?
    We have a database of candidates across functions and industries. You simply have to share what you are looking for, and we’ll find you a suitable match.
  • Which cities do you recruit for?
    We recruit sans geographies and boundaries and even provide remote interns.
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