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We bring candidates and opportunities closer by providing internships and recruitment solutions.

How We Work

We are an end-to-end recruitment agency specialising in internships. We work with companies and candidates to find your perfect match. Here’s how we work. 


Step 1

Understand your requirements


Step 2

Add to your repository


Step 3

Scan through our database


Step 4

Find the perfect match

Hop On Board!

Let’s join hands to meet your goals faster, and in a hassle-free manager. Tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll take care of the rest.

For Candidates

To get a job, you need experience. To get experience, you need a job. End this vicious cycle by getting internships that provide you valuable training and skills to get the job you deserve and desire.

For Companies

Finding the right person that matches your skills requirement, as well as culture values can be a lot. Offload the hustle and bustle of screening resumes, and finding candidates perfect for your team to us.

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Personalized Service

Even with set processes, and standards, we work with each candidate and company to deliver a personalized experience based on your requirements. 

Reduced Effort

We do complete end-to-end scouting, hunting, and matching for you–so that your requirements are met, sans any hassles and headaches. 


With an existing database and comprehensive repository of talent and opportunities, we meet expectations in a shorter turn-around-time. 

Our Customers Share The Love

Hoxlp is a wonderful recruiter. I have never met anyone like them. They care about the people they recruit enough to prepare them to be successful at job interviews and provide valuable advice for settling into the new job.


— Barbra Joseph, Candidate, Melbourne


Our Values

Perseverance | Trust |

Focus | Diligence | Excellence

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